Friends, Can You Help Me?

Friends, Can You Help Me?

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet so as to not burden anyone.

I need help from you, my faithful readers.

The brain fog caused by one of my medical conditions, POTS, a form of dysautonomia, has made it monumentally difficult for me to think. It’s like…my thoughts won’t connect, or certain parts of my brain won’t talk to each other. I can almost feel this void in the middle of my head, like a bridge is out over a river. I can feel an idea, or a sentence starting somewhere, but then it doesn’t get to where it needs to go, and it never materializes. I feel as though I’m stuck with all of these thoughts bouncing around in my head, but they won’t come out or even come to fruition.

I’m not using this as an excuse for my less than stellar writing as of late or for my general lack of writing altogether. I just can’t come up with anything that I think would be worth anyone’s while to read. So I’ve stopped writing. Or I’ll write something and immediately trash it because it’s not of a high enough standard for me to release to all of you.

So here’s where I need your help.

  1. If you have anything about any of our specific disease states (and this is being cross-posted, so this means endometriosis, adenomyosis, POTS and dysautonomia, that stupid brain tumor, celiac disease, depression, social anxiety, infertility, etc) that you would like to see a blog post written about, please comment and let me know! I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to get a post out of it, but I’ll give it a good college try.
  2. Is there anything regarding myself you’d be more interested in knowing about? I will answer questions about almost anything, while maintaining privacy where appropriate.
  3. My blog does better the more followers I have. So instead of having to scroll through Facebook and hope to stumble across one of my posts, I invite you to go to the About page of my blog, scroll down to where it says “Follow Blog By E-mail,” and sign up! You will receive an e-mail only when I post, and no spam! If you happen to have a WordPress account, you can sign up using that too.
  4. If you have a blog and want to share, feel free to comment and leave a link so we know about each other’s blogs! It’s best to encourage and inspire each other, not to mention providing support to each other because of what we’re going through.

I really just need a spark to light the fuse in my brain somewhere. I’ve been trying and trying and can’t get through this brain fog. It’s made me want to quit blogging, and I’m very close to doing just that because I can’t deliver quality blog posts to you, my dear readers, anymore. For that, I am sorry.

If you can do anything to help me out, don’t hesitate to suggest an idea. You all are what makes this blog possible and meaningful, not me. That’s why I need your help to get me off the floor and get my brain working again.

I don’t want to quit blogging. But if I just stay like this and don’t move forward soon, I’ll have no choice. Please help me to not let that happen.

I love you all.


19 thoughts on “Friends, Can You Help Me?

  1. I hope that you continue your blog!

    I started one recently, although I haven’t published anything yet, as a coping mechanism to allow me to work through things that bother me but no one else understands. Things people would judge me if I didn’t write about anonymously.

    On the hardest nights, I spend time reading through the experience and community of people who get it. When I start learning about a new diagnosis or potential diagnosis, I really enjoy reading through blogs and firsthand accounts. Do it for yourself, but don’t think that you’re not helping anyone. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, you’re appreciated, and your brain fog makes you more relatable. Perfect way to say it – a bridge that doesn’t quite work.

    Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life, and a part of your community.

  2. I’m so sorry the fog is causing you difficulties!! As someone who reads every post you write, there are a ton of things I’d love to read from you. Here are but a few.

    – Book reviews
    – Stories about your cats (like how you came to own them, have they done anything rediculous, etc)
    – Recipes for any food you make/enjoy, since you have celiac and eat gluten free it’d be great to share that.
    – A report on how your abdominal and pelvic pain have shifted/changed since your last excision surgery
    – I loved that series where you ended with a simple, what happened this week and what I look forward to next week. Just that last question alone was interesting
    – Short stories inspired by your experiences.
    – Any information about your diseases. I always learn so much from those posts you write and it makes me so much more compassionate to those who suffer and helps me understand my own condition.
    – Links to articles about your conditions you found helpful
    – Anything you feel like sharing about your faith.

    Finally, I just want to say, I don’t read your blog because your grammar is perfect or because you’re an excellent writer (although you are), I read it because you are relatable and honest. Please don’t let the desire for perfection keep you from blogging. I know I’m not alone in feeling that we’d all much rather read your grocery list than nothing at all. I hope this was in some way helpful!

    All the best!

    1. Wow, Emma, thank you so much! I do have some of those ideas written down already, so I should probably get on them! Sometimes it’s just finding the motivation to do it, you know?

      As for cat stories, if you look in my archives from July 2016, I have the origin stories of our feline family! It’s in two separate posts. They were so much fun to write!

      You are such a kind person. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! ?

  3. Hi, some topics that I would be interested in reading about include PTSD (June id PTSD awareness month).
    July 18-24 is Everybody Deserves A Massage Week and self-care is a great topic. I think it’s important to practice love, kindness and patients with ourselves, and that includes our sick bodies.
    Lastly, I’d like to read about others experiences with infertility, becoming pregnant and being pregnant when dealing with medical conditions (I have HEDS & dysautonomia).
    Thank you for bringing relevant topics to us! ☆♡☆

  4. I too really enjoy your blog! I’m stuck in a rut myself, so I’m not sure if I can provide much help, but just wanted to let you know your blog is appreciated, and even if you need a break from blogging for a while, that it’s perfectly okay 🙂

  5. For this reason exactly, I keep a Google document of all of the ideas that spark when I’m watching or reading something and think, “Hey, this would be good to write about!” I know I’ll never remember them myself, so I make a note of it somewhere if I’m not by my phone or laptop and then add it to the master list later. Whenever I’m lacking inspiration, I refer back to that list. I also search around Google for others’ lists of blog topic ideas. A lot of it is lifestyle stuff, but sometimes it’s a good source of inspiration!
    Here’s a link to a post specifically listing blog post ideas for chronically ill and disabled people:
    & Here are a couple of other links to idea lists that might be useful:
    I hope it helps! <3

    1. Thank you Dannie! I have a similar list in the back of my planner that I started in January when I realized I was having trouble remembering things I wanted to blog about, lol. Those are great links! Thanks! ?

  6. I too am interested in book reviews. What have you found to be inspiring and is good to pick up when you’re feeling down? Words of encouragement. Mantras. Something funny. Religious is ok as well.

  7. Just created a blog…. R u treated for ur brain tumor? I guess yes and that would.more than explain this flare. Please get help feels like u need it. (Medical..

    1. Yes, thank you, I have been treated. I had surgery last September. But some of my doctors now think the fact that the tumor was on my pituitary gland is the reason I’m having issues with POTS now. ?

  8. Hey, happy to have found you. I too have POTS. I’ve just begun a new therapy called dynamic neural retraining (DNRS). I am a sceptical person, but in the short time I’ve worked the program I’ve improved. I would definitely recommend you look into it.

    In terms of ideas. Perhaps, share a pleasant or happy experience you had before you became ill. Maybe it will offer an escape from your suffering.

    Take care and give me a shout if you ever feel like chatting.


    1. Hi there Joe! Nice to meet you! I’m glad you’ve stumbled upon my little blog.

      I’ve just read your story. Wow, what a ride. I’m so sorry you’ve been ill for so long and for all that’s happened to you.

      I’ve made some forward progress in my dealings with POTS. I recently started Florinef. I know it didn’t work for you, but so far for me it’s been wonderful. My neurologist has started me on a very low dose and we’ll taper up very slowly to hopefully avoid issues. I tend to be pessimistic when it comes to my body’s response to things (especially with medications, as I’m a pharmacist.) But I’m hoping this will help. I also started cardiac rehab exercises yesterday that I tolerated well, so I’m hopeful for that, too.

      I’ll have to think back awhile for a pleasant or happy experience…in the last five years, I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, endometriosis, adenomyosis, depression, infertility, a brain tumor, an aneurysm, and now POTS, and I’ve had six surgeries. But I’ll do some thinking. Thank you for the suggestion! ?

      Take care!

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