Nocturnal Musings #11: Trying to Save a Life

Nocturnal Musings #11: Trying to Save a Life

*May contain triggers for domestic violence *

I could have gone to bed a few hours ago. I was planning to around 4 am. But then as I was perusing Facebook one last time, I came across a disturbing status in one of the many endo groups I’m a part of. A sister posted that she had just been abused by her boyfriend and he had cut her with a knife. She was scared and had nowhere to escape to. Do I know this woman? Not at all. But she’s my endo sister. And that’s a friendship forged in the fires of despair the disease causes.

And if there’s one way to raise hell among endo sisters, it’s domestic violence.

Initially, the woman was giving updates to people. But then the updates suddenly stopped. Of course, that knocked things up a notch. Her life was being threatened by this man. We started trying to find friends of hers to contact on Facebook to see if they knew where she lived; all we knew was the town she lived in. A sister initially filed a police report, but there was no information to go on.

After doing some digging, we came up with an address in our files we use for card exchanges. Since I was one of the¬†only Americans in the group who was awake at 4 am, I took it upon myself to call the police department in the town and file another report. I spoke to a very nice officer. Unfortunately, he said they had already been to that address and the woman no longer lived there. The people currently living there knew the woman, but not where she was living now. But I gave them the alleged perpetrator’s name as well, just to give them anything to go on.

We kept digging. Believe me, hell hath no fury like that of a pissed off endo sister when another sister is in danger. We still weren’t hearing anything from our sister and were scared to death of what could be happening to her. Another sister found two possible addresses for the¬†alleged perpetrator in recent court documents because we knew this guy had a record and had served time. So I called the police department again to update them with that information. The officer said they had a sergeant on Facebook looking for leads.

As of right now, 7 am, we still have heard nothing from our sister. We’ve been out of contact with her for about four hours. We don’t know if she’s safe somewhere or if she’s dead. Please, please, pray for our sister. I know I’ve done all I could, but I wish I could do more. Pray she is found all right and that the perpetrator is brought to justice.

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  1. I love groups that are so close knitted that people see when something isn’t right and act on it.
    When it comes to DV so many people turn away, don’t want to get involved, feel it’s not their place!
    Thank you, for caring enough to do what you can! Thank you for not turning away!
    If there were more people like you, so many lives would be different!
    Sending you peace and sending endo sister all she needs to safely leave the situation.
    Please keep us posted.

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