Nocturnal Musings #12: The Bonds of Sisterhood

Nocturnal Musings #12: The Bonds of Sisterhood

*Warning: May contain triggers for domestic violence *

As I alluded to in my last post, hell hath no fury like a group of 1,842 pissed off endo sisters.

I am not going to go into tremendous detail for safety reasons, but it looks like the outcome is a good one.

When I woke up after having slept for only a few hours, the newest news was that our sisters had caught on to the fact that the person using the woman’s phone to post on Facebook to us was likely the perpetrator. The woman had made a post about a supposed dramatic rescue that many of us were questioning. I called the police again…only to find out they had never dispatched any officers to the possible addresses I had given them for the perpetrator. So that rescue had never happened and we were being led on by the perpetrator that the woman was safe.

Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer. I called the police again (for the fourth time) and asked that they please check out the addresses. The officer I was speaking to was stonewalling me. She actually asked, “Well, why don’t you go check on her?” Because I’m calling from three hours away, lady, that’s why. And I really don’t want to walk up and knock on the front door of a guy with a rap sheet as long as my arm to ask him if he just so happens to be holding a woman hostage. When I read them the Facebook post describing the dramatic “rescue,” they actually became slightly concerned, but said “We can’t be going around knocking on everyone’s doors.” Assuming I was about to get nowhere again, she then asked me for the woman’s name, which I gave to her. The officer immediately brightened up and said, “Oh, I’ve spoken to her twice today!” I will not go into further details about what else she said, though, but it was believed she was safe.

There was additional concern for a time because we were unable to confirm that the police had actually made direct contact with the woman to confirm she was ok and that she wasn’t coerced over the phone into saying she was. It took two more phone calls made by other sisters to the police department for them to finally tell us that she is definitely safe, which has only just been confirmed in the past hour.

So a word to the wise. Don’t piss off a woman with endometriosis. Because she likely has a huge international support network of endo sisters behind her that will move hell and high water to ensure her safety and livelihood. We are an oppressed group of women, made so by the very healthcare systems from which we seek to be treated like human beings instead of neurotic women. So when it comes to being slighted or abused in other areas of our lives, you had better watch out if you wish to remain intact.

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