*May contain triggers for domestic violence*

I can’t seem to focus on anything today. Granted, I slept until 4:30 pm because I didn’t go to bed until 5:30 am, so it’s not like I’ve been awake all that long. But there are so many things going through my mind, it’s like a tornado in there.

So what’s bothering me? This is probably going to wind up being an extremely stream of consciousness post, so I apologize in advance. Continue reading “Distracted”

Nocturnal Musings #12: The Bonds of Sisterhood

*Warning: May contain triggers for domestic violence *

As I alluded to in my last post, hell hath no fury like a group of 1,842 pissed off endo sisters.

I am not going to go into tremendous detail for safety reasons, but it looks like the outcome is a good one. Continue reading “Nocturnal Musings #12: The Bonds of Sisterhood”

Nocturnal Musings #11: Trying to Save a Life

*May contain triggers for domestic violence *

I could have gone to bed a few hours ago. I was planning to around 4 am. But then as I was perusing Facebook one last time, I came across a disturbing status in one of the many endo groups I’m a part of. A sister posted that she had just been abused by her boyfriend and he had cut her with a knife. She was scared and had nowhere to escape to. Do I know this woman? Not at all. But she’s my endo sister. And that’s a friendship forged in the fires of despair the disease causes.

And if there’s one way to raise hell among endo sisters, it’s domestic violence. Continue reading “Nocturnal Musings #11: Trying to Save a Life”