Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home

Read the story of my surgery in Always A Zebra!

Just a short, quick update! So how am I feeling a week post-op? Quite well, actually. You know you had a successful surgery when you are using less pain medication post-op than you were pre-op.?

imageOur trip home was without incident. David chauffeured me through Hartsfield-Jackson in a wheelchair because there was no way I was going to be able to walk the whole way to concourse C through the world’s busiest airport, even using the Plane Train. So we actually took the long way through the underground so David could get his steps in for the day, plus we had some time to kill. If I can get it to work, these videos pretty much sum up the morning:

imageAs usual after these types of surgeries, I had pre boarding so I wouldn’t get trampled, especially since literally every seat on the plane was full and I didn’t care to get run over by an aggressive mother with a stroller. At least then I got a good window seat in the second row. The flight was quick and smooth without incident. Ruby enjoyed being my seatbelt buddy.

Once we landed, I ditched the wheelchair, since it’s such a small airport. After obtaining our luggage and being driven directly to our car by the shuttle (another benefit of a small airport),  we began the hour and 15 minute trek home, which thankfully never seems to take that long.

Upon arriving home, we had a happy reunion with our kitties, who had missed us all week while we were gone. Thankfully they hadn’t destroyed too much or burned the house down in our absence. You never know what sorts of mischief cats can get into!

We proceeded with unpacking and with David’s help got laundry going, since I can’t lift the full laundry baskets. This was around the time I had quite the scare. I was wearing my warm, fuzzy (read: slippery) socks (first mistake) and was making my way down the hallway from our master bedroom to the laundry room. When I went to turn the corner, Casper, our big boy of a cat, picked that exact moment to run like the devil was after him down the hall and literally swept me off my feet. I went completely airborne, smashing the back of my head against the doorframe and landing hard on my right butt cheek. I immediately started freaking out and hyperventilating because I thought I had a skull fracture or a brain bleed or something along those lines. I didn’t want to die like Natasha Richardson! David calmed me down (as he always does) and determined my freak-out was mainly just because I was scared and not because I was actually having a “thunderclap” headache. Despite my violent descent to the ground, my incisions didn’t hurt at all, though, which was a pleasant surprise. I put a bag of frozen peas on my head for awhile to get the swelling down. Now it’s just really painful to touch, but I’ve been all right otherwise. Just a really big scare is all. imageCasper knew he did something wrong because he hid for a long time. Then he came out, looked around at the scene of the crime,  gave it a good sniff, and came and found me in the bedroom and curled up next to me to apologize. Aww, poor little boy felt bad. But make no mistake, this boy can cause plenty of destruction!

Other than the excitement we had on Sunday, the rest of my time has been spent relaxing, blogging, writing in my journal, listening to music, and healing. I find myself napping a lot due to the pain meds, but my kitties are more than happy to join me in a nap.

So at least I’m on the up and up and hopefully will be feeling great in no time!

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