Just Endo

Just Endo

It makes me so sad to see my endo sisters struggling. Suffering. In pain. Whether it be on other blogs, Facebook, or Twitter. I see it day in and day out.

One recovering from surgery at about the same pace I am, but is now dealing emotionally as well as physically with the loss of her fertility.

Another whose surgeon opened her up, said, “Yup, there’s endo” and closed her without touching any of the endo. That is cruel to put someone through something as painful and dangerous as a surgery for that.

Another being told it’s “time for another surgery” when if this doctor of hers would just refer her to an excisionist in the first place, she would be more likely to have relief of symptoms, possibly without expecting to need a surgery every couple years.

I myself, who wasn’t given any pain medication in the OR during my first endo surgery and woke up screaming in PACU because I’d been cut open and operated on without pain relief. Yes, it happened.

But this is what it’s like to have endo. This kind of thing is commonplace. Poor treatment. Bad treatment. Inhumane treatment.

Because we can’t possibly be in that much pain.

Because our symptoms couldn’t possibly have started 14 years ago.

Because it’s all in our heads.

Because there’s no cure.

Because it won’t kill us.

Because even doctors aren’t properly educated on how to treat endo.

Because we’re misinformed as patients.

Because we’re women.

Because women are meant to suffer.

Because we aren’t saying anything.

Because it’s just endo.

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  1. please fill me in on what Endo is. It’s got to be short for a longer name. I am a chronic pain patient for twelve years.

    I read an article in the New York Times about a surgeon who was an opiate fiend, recovered and now brings all that ‘abstinence only’ into her OR and gives her surgery patients nothing for the pain.

    1. Endo is short for endometriosis. It’s a disease affecting 176 million women around the world. What happens is tissue similar to your uterine lining ends up elsewhere in the body, most commonly the pelvic structures and abdominal structures. It can cause very painful periods and pelvic pain, among other symptoms. Feel free to check out some of my earlier blog posts for my story and more information!

    2. That’s criminal! To not give pain medication when cutting someone open goes against their oath. Not that most really care about that I find. Confession: I’ve started calling it the hypocritic oath given my recent experience with doctors.

  2. Thanks for sharing on behalf of us!! I feel the same when I see post after post after post of poor medical treatment but a diagnosis followed by reentering a society that continues to be uncompassion and ignorant and all it does is make the pain worse… physical pain quickly becomes emotional pain. Ahhh!! It’s so frustrating when the suffering could be minimised in so many small ways!!

  3. Just EVERYTHING YOU SAID! every word, I have been there. I have suffered and am suffering right now. Thank you for opening up and showing strength for your Endo Sisters!

  4. As bad as it hurts to live like this, it helps to see that my story might raise awareness and help others not have to wait 14 years for the help they need. My goal is to have a cure for this by the time my two daughters are old enough to develop this. I’m so worried for them. At very least if there isn’t a cure they will have a mom who is armed with the latest and best information to help ease their transition and get them the care they need.

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