You Have What In Your Where?

Greetings all! For those who aren’t aware, March is Endometriosis Awareness Month! It is a time that is very near and dear to my heart, as I have been greatly affected by endometriosis for the past…well, I’ll let you read to find out more. πŸ˜‰
What you are about to read is my very first blog post. Since I had a grand total of 1 follower at the time, I knew I wanted to do more someday to spread awareness. Well, the time is now! This month I will be reblogging many of my endo posts, as well as putting out some new material. If you don’t know about endometriosis, you are going to LEARN this month! πŸŽ—


I don’t know when or how I first developed endometriosis. No one really knows. Theories abound regarding how this disease arises, from an outdated theory by aΒ guy named SampsonΒ to more recent and scientifically based theories involving stem cells and other genetic factors. For a complete, authoritative review on endometriosis, I have found this article from the Center for Endometriosis CareΒ to be most excellent.

As far as my story goes, I will share as much as possible to give you a complete understanding of what this disease is and the tremendous effect it can have on the lives of women. I will talk about uncomfortable things, like sex and lady parts, so get the giggles out now. It may takes several posts, but if you stick with me I think you will be a a smarter person for it. πŸ˜‰ Are you comfortable? Me too, my pain meds…

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4 thoughts on “You Have What In Your Where?”

  1. Hooray for endo awareness month! I just read your first post linked above. I’m so sorry you had such a terrible surgical experience. My first surgery was likewise horrendous and a total nightmare, so I can emphasize. Also with the doctors who know virtually nothing about endo and give all kinds of incorrect “advice.” Thank the Lord that you’re a pharmacist and knew more than the average person before taking some of their dx and advice to heart. Looking forward to your posts this March!

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    1. With endo, the pain for me was (and typically is with endo) during deep penetration. So it feels like you’re being hit deep inside by your partner’s…you know. It’s due to the presence of endo in what’s known as the cul-de-sac (or Pouch of Douglas), which is the anatomical space in the body between the rectum and the vagina, since they’re right next to each other.

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