How I Choose My Books Tag

It’s hard to find a decent book tag out there that doesn’t make me want to cringe. Which is why I am so happy to have found this one! This is a book tag I picked up from Stephanie at Adventures of a Bibliophile and was originally created by Jenn at Thrice Read. Thanks for the creative ideas, ladies!

Find a book on your shelves with a blue cover. What made you pick up that book in the first place?

IMG_1396How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. I first found out about this book several months ago when Matt Haig announced on Twitter that it was being adapted into a movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch. I adored The Humans and Reasons to Stay Alive and was waiting for him to write something new. I hadn’t heard anything of the book before, but saw that it (the book) was being released in July. I really wanted it, but recently decided to behave myself and read more books already on my TBR shelves before allowing myself to buy this one when it was released. Imagine my surprise when it showed up on my front porch two days ago. Apparently I had pre-ordered it in April and forgot about it. So much for self-discipline… Continue reading “How I Choose My Books Tag”

The Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

I saw this tag over at Jacquie’s blog, Rattle the Stars, and decided to participate! Thanks for your inspirational post, Jacquie! 🙂 (Like, a month ago, but hey!)

I guess since it’s the middle of July, we are indeed more than halfway through 2017 already. Mind blown. Given that I suddenly have a lot of time on my hands, I’ve made it a goal to read a lot this year. It’s going pretty well so far, so let’s see what I’ve been reading!


Best Book You’ve Read So Far in 2017


The book moved me beyond what I thought I was capable of feeling. And it truly showed that our Lord still performs miracles. If you have never read this book, you must. I want to read it again! If you read The Diary of Anne Frank as a child or young adult, this is the next step you must take. Continue reading “The Mid Year Book Freakout Tag”

It’s July; What Am I Reading?

I have a reading problem.

It’s amazing the number of ways that statement could be interpreted…

I mean…


(And yes, those are my TBR shelves…or at least two of the three…but the third one is really just a single cube shelf…) But no, what I really mean is, I have this problem where I can’t ever be reading just one book at once. The only exception is if I happen to pick up a book that is so good I read the entire thing in one sitting.

So this means I’m reading multiple books right now. Even more so because a few of them are real chunkers. Continue reading “It’s July; What Am I Reading?”

Are You Like Me?

I think I need to take a break from reading memoirs. But I can’t seem to stop. My last four books:

IMG_1341Still Waiting by Ann Swindell. Faithfully encouraging and integrates the story of the Bleeding Woman (one of my favorite parts of the Gospels).

“From my own perspective, I couldn’t see any reason why God wouldn’t heal me, why He wouldn’t change my struggle into a victorious cure. Wouldn’t He get all the glory? All the doctors and therapies and supplements hadn’t helped me, so clearly He would get the attention and fame if He healed me. Wouldn’t He show Himself to be God when no one else could heal?

“Why wouldn’t He heal me? Why?” Still Waiting, page 107

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Share Your World: Ribbonrx Edition: April 3, 2017

This will be a weekly post of the most random of random questions to answer- to share my world! Unfortunately, Cee has been ill and wasn’t able to prepare the challenge questions for this week, but fear not! I pulled out some questions from a journal prompt I did last week that fits the bill! So, onward!

What’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way? I guess it depends on how old-fashioned you’re talking about. I love modern technology; the easier it makes my life, the better. But I guess I prefer writing things down on a paper calendar or planner as opposed to using Google calendar or something along those lines. I think it looks better and it’s easier to see the big picture. (Plus my Happy Planner is so pretty!)

This week’s spread in my Happy Planner!

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Goodreads 2017 Challenge: January Wrap-Up

This is something new and a bit different for me. I recently decided I wanted to start reading again and demanded a serious book haul for Christmas to instill that long lost feeling of reading all day and doing nothing else. If anything, I figured it might help keep my cognition up, as the brain fog from my POTS is practically a disability at this point. So this is an attempt to get my brain back.

I signed up for Goodreads at the start of the year and set a goal of 30 books for the year. How am I doing so far? 3/30 completed, a fourth started but not finished in January. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Continue reading “Goodreads 2017 Challenge: January Wrap-Up”