A Cold and Broken Birthday Hallelujah

The person I was a year ago is not the person I am now. Not by a long shot. Even though I’m only a year older, I feel as though I’ve aged at least ten years in the past year. Must be a thing that happens once you hit your 30s.

When I look in the mirror now, I can see the scars that the past year has left on me, both literally and figuratively. I see a person who is a shell of what she once was and doesn’t know if she can ever go back to before. Continue reading “A Cold and Broken Birthday Hallelujah”

Sick of It

I was supposed to be normal today (well, now yesterday, I suppose…) I was supposed to go to the Skillet concert with David and my endo sister April and her daughter. We had box seats and everything. Sort of an early birthday present. I love Skillet and I’ve never had the chance to see them live. And I was going to write an awesome blog post about how much fun I had and how great it was to do a normal activity for a change.

But do I wake up feeling well? Nooooo, of course not. My head was pounding (and going to a rock concert wouldn’t be the best cure for that.) My head felt like it was detached from my body. And the room was a little spinny. So I had to bail. But at least the three of them got to go and they had a great time (thanks April for the picture above!) And seeing my friends and family enjoy themselves gives me joy.

But I’m sick of it. (Ba-dum-tuss if you’re a Skillet fan…)  Continue reading “Sick of It”

Grown Up Birthday List

Given that September is almost over and my birthday is at the end of October, I’ve already started to get questions from family members about what I want for my birthday.

I hate this question. Not that I don’t like birthdays and receiving gifts. I love books and would love enough blank journals (spiral-bound, please) to fill a warehouse. But as I’ve gotten older, it’s become harder and harder to think of things I want for my birthday. I usually just end up scouring the Internet for things I don’t really need, but just pick out so people will have a chance to buy me something if they feel so obligated.

I’ll be 31 next month. Not a special year in the least. But what do you do when you get to the point that the things you desire in life aren’t material? So, if you want to know, here’s what I really want for my birthday. Continue reading “Grown Up Birthday List”