Share Your World: July 17, 2017

Share Your World: July 17, 2017

This will be a weekly post of the most random of random questions to answer- to share my world! Thanks to Cee’s blog for being the brainchild behind this!

What is your favorite cheese? As my husband’s family hails from Wisconsin, we have an entire drawer of our refrigerator devoted solely to cheese. And when I say drawer, I mean the extra drawer in between the French doors of the fridge and the pullout freezer, so it’s as wide as the fridge itself. I do love a nice, sharp, aged Wisconsin cheddar (3 years max preferably; 5 years starts to get a little woooooo.) But I also really like Manchego and BellaVitano.

Are you left or right handed? Righty!

IMG_1048Do you prefer exercising your mind or your body? How frequently do you do either? I exercise my mind all the time by reading and writing, which I do every day. I still have an old-fashioned journal that I write in daily. I’m working on the exercising my body part; I have a cardiac rehab evaluation tomorrow.

Complete this sentence: Hot days are … Death. I used to love hot summer days, the hotter the better. I would be so excited when it would get into the 90s. But as I was diagnosed with POTS in January, I have since discovered that warm weather is not nice to me. Thanks goodness for central air conditioning, otherwise I would be too sick to get out of bed.

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? The best way I can tell you how grateful I am for last week is to share this blog post. After six months of waiting, I finally saw a specialist for my POTS. He validated everything I had been through and the symptoms I had been experiencing and confirmed that I have POTS. We have a treatment plan. And I finally feel like a doctor is listening to me instead of just telling me that what I was experiencing was normal, when there was actually nothing normal about any of it!

As I mentioned, tomorrow I have my cardiac rehab evaluation. (This is the same thing undergone by patients who have had heart attacks, major heart surgery, or a heart transplant.) I’ll undergo a stress test where they’ll put me on an exercise bike until I’m within moments of death, and then they’ll let me stop. Based on how I do, they’ll develop an exercise program tailored specifically to me. Although most patients with POTS actually have healthy hearts, this type of rehab program has been shown to be 80% effective in helping POTS patients have an improved quality of life. Hopefully it works!


8 thoughts on “Share Your World: July 17, 2017

  1. Wow, I used to do this a couple years ago. Good to see it’s still going strong. Love the questions and answers. I love to exercise the mind more, for sure. And had to laugh to your answer about hot days. I adore hot days!

    1. Haha, feel free to rejoin at any time! ? Ah, I used to love hot days so much, especially when I was a kid. This is my first summer where my body just literally can’t handle them and it makes me sad! I just had to get up and turn the AC on because it got above 70 degrees. ?

  2. Ok so.. I re}a{d that u just had a treatment plan… Well I wish you good luck. How is your pots??? U know it s best not to use any meds but …. I understand I I’ll try one day… Hope it don’t mess u ..I bet it s a big change. I feel like u don t like it.. Cause I think you would have talk ?miracle treatment…..
    When I do am in somewhat crisis I do drink ensure+ I as well listen to zakaos…

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