Is the Future Even Possible?

Is the Future Even Possible?

via Daily Prompt: Denial

I’m in denial about something. Although it’s not something you’d think any person would be in denial about.

Obviously, I’m unwell. POTS has taken over my life in a bad way. I’m trying to get better, but the prognosis isn’t all that great. I may never fully recover, but I’m not in denial about it. That’s just a reality I need to accept.

I’m in denial about having a baby.

A weird thing to say. And I don’t mean that I think I can’t have a baby. From what I can tell, my body is back to functioning normally in that regard since the tumor was removed seven months ago. Perhaps, after three years of fiddling around with various parts of my body, from my lady parts to my brain, the necessary parts are finally beginning to behave. My only concerns are the effects that adenomyosis and the EDS/hEDS/HSD might have on contributing to premature labor.

But what I really mean is…I don’t think I can handle a baby.

What I’m in denial about is my ability to take care of a child.

Take this morning, for example. I woke up early because I went to bed early last night after another 24-hour stint awake. I felt (and still do feel) sick. My POTS is flaring. I woke up and felt like I was about to pass out (not fall back asleep, but pass out.) My arms were tingling, my chest was burning (not like heartburn). My head felt so weird. I was almost unable to move. This is an indication to me that I’m dangerously dehydrated and need fluids and salt immediately (despite the fact that I didn’t sleep for very long and spent a full 24 hours yesterday hydrating.) David had just left for work.

So what would I have done if a baby had started crying just then? Especially if he or she were upstairs? (Our master bedroom is on the first floor, which has turned out to be a godsend for me.) Even if I could have gotten to the baby, I may have passed out while holding it.

I know you can lay babies down and let them cry for a bit and it won’t hurt them, however painful it may be to your heart. But what about once they’re mobile? You’d have to be crazy to think that I could in any possible way chase a toddler all over the place. My only thought is to either make our bedroom a play area, so I can rest while watching and interacting with the child, or to have a bed or something in a playroom of sorts for the same purpose. It would be baby and mommy’s special play area.

But is any of this even realistically feasible? I really don’t think so. Which is why I’m in denial about ever actually having a child. How can I take care of a child when I have to spend all my energy and effort just taking care of myself?

Darn it, I didn’t think this would make me cry…


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  1. I think about this a lot, though I’m barely even 21 with no s/o. My worst fear is my future toddler running too far ahead of me and not being able to catch up to them. In the end, I guess it all comes down to you and your support system. : <3

  2. My grandmother raised 8 kids, said babies shouldn’t cry. SO! Get yerself a nice low hammock, put it in baby’s room and you two sleep together just as much as you want! With liquid and salt near to hand! You’ll have the happiest baby anywhere! -best wishes

  3. I can understand how difficult it would be to try to raise a child with your health problems, but I don’t think it would be impossible. You would just need a lot of support of course, maybe a nanny /extra help from family.

  4. I think that once you become pregnant, your body will change. Yes the POTS will still be lurking in the darkness but you will be extremely determined to do this. Have faith in yourself. I have a best friend that has DYS and POTS and has 4 kids. 3 are toddlers. A walk in the park life ?? No but there is no doubt you can do this. The baby will also keep your mind off of your diseases. Best of luck. Sending positive energy your way. Be strong and know ” mind over matter”

    1. Thank you Donna. Although I wish it were as easy as mind over matter. If only I could tell myself, “Self, pump your deficit of blood better” or “Self, stop being so dizzy you need to use the walls to walk” or “Self, don’t pass ou-crap.” Right now my POTS is so hard to handle, and I know it will come back after pregnancy, too. What’s your POTS like? Best of luck to you too! ?

  5. I just received my PoTS diagnosis last week although I knew that’s what I had for a while. I first got ill in November, then worse in early February, however I think I’ve had it a long time. I also think I have EDS. I feel very blessed to have already had my daughter but I struggled with very bad pelvic pain while pregnant, to the point of being housebound. My daughter is now 3 and I am so grateful for her. We were trying to conceive another baby when I got ill. I’ve found myself grieving for the child we might not have. I’m 37 and don’t have time to wait to feel a bit better. I have PoTS that is as disabling as yours. I relate to your posts so much! I’ve just been started in fludrocortisone and am noticing some positive improvements. I was able to give my daughter a bath the other day. Generally we have a mixture of childminder, nursery, grandparents and babysitters help out when my husband is at work. I asked my cardiologist about future pregnancies and he said that while I couldn’t be on meds my blood volume would increase while pregnant and breast feeding can prevent a return of symptoms for a while. Then if I know a drug protocol works for me then I can go back on it. So I’ve not given up hope yet. I didn’t want to post to give you advice, just to tell you that I can relate! However, it’s early days for both of us, we don’t know how our condition might improve with exercise or drugs. I’m on a lot of forums and Facebook groups and it does seem like people get a bit more functionality with time. My cardiologist told me one of his patients is a midwife with 2 children and was bedridden for a year when she first got ill. Have faith if you can. Big hugs!!! ?

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad to hear the fludrocortisone is working for you. I see a POTS specialist in 7 weeks and I’m hoping he’ll start me on that. (My cardiologist was planning to, but two days before my appointment, he went on emergency medical leave and is out until July.) I’m a bit worried about it dropping my potassium because mine tends to run low anyway. I want to get the clear from the specialist before we start trying again for a baby (we’ve been dealing with infertility for over three years). I’m only 31 so we have time, but it still feels like time is short because I had wanted to have kids when I was 28. I have faith that everything will go according to God’s great plan! Big hugs to you too! ?

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