Ask and I Shall Tell…

Ask and I Shall Tell…

Well, I didn’t quite get the response I was looking for, but I did get some questions to answer, and they’re all interesting, so here goes! This has been a helpful distraction from my depression and anxiety, too.?

What is your favorite book? A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

When did you know David was the one for you? Well, we started dating in March 2006, during our P2 year. Sometime near the end of the school year, we were walking down the front steps of good old Stambaugh Hall and I was saying how I couldn’t see myself staying in Ohio after graduation because I missed New York so much. Then he said, “That’s ok, I’ll follow you back to New York if I have to.” It meant so much to me that he was willing to go out of his comfort zone to move to my home state just to be with me.?

What’s your favorite Bible verse? Did you have one to lean on during your health problems? My favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”  I guess my verse to lean on would be Joshua 1:9“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

What was your least favorite summer job and why? Most favorite? I only ever worked two summer jobs and I hated both of them. One summer I was a pharmacy tech at a hospital back home and I was treated like dirt because they knew I was in pharmacy school and wouldn’t be sticking around. Although the one good thing I got out of it is that I appreciate my own techs now because I’ve had to do the same crap they do day in and day out. I always try to say “thank you” and let them know I really do know how hard their jobs are. The next summer I worked as a pharmacy intern at a Rite-Aid and hated that so much I decided I would never work retail ever and wanted to go back to hospital pharmacy.

What is your PMS theme song? If you don’t have one what would it be? I’ve never really thought about this before, but it would probably be “Just Like a Pill” by Pink.

What was your all time favorite comment? I’m going to cheat and break this into two parts; one about comments on my own blog posts, and one about replies to my comments on others’ blog posts.

  • Favorite comment on one of my posts came from snowdroplets: “Here’s another saying I like. You know that saying when God closes one door, he opens another? Here’s a new take I found on Pinterest – “When you’re waiting for God to open another door, praise him in the hallway.” It’s got to be so hard to wait with these symptoms for your next surgery. Just think how much better you’ll feel when that’s done!”
  • Favorite reply to a comment I made on someone else’s blog (which I will keep anonymous for privacy): “Comments like this are why I blog. Thank you. You understand so much better than my friends. Thank you. I’ll reply properly when I can think/feel again. Best of luck to you too.”

Which places are on your bucket list to visit? Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Scotland, Norway, Finland, Sweden

What are your favourite feel good movies? Apollo 13, Little Women, Forrest Gump (it makes me cry, ok, and crying is therapeutic), It’s A Wonderful Life

Have you ever been to Ireland? Yes, in 2013! We spent a week in Ireland and then a week in London. I loved Dublin and the area around Trinity College (very touristy, but it was cool.) We also went up into Northern Ireland to the Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge and the Giants’ Causeway. While at the Causeway, it started pouring and we got positively drenched! I’ve never been so wet in my life! So when we stopped in Belfast on the way back, I found a cafe and had the best cup of peppermint tea ever. I would love to go back to both Ireland and the UK!

If you could dance with anyone in the world – living, dead, or imaginary – who would it be? This one is actually a bit emotional for me because on searching for what he’s been doing lately, I found out he unexpectedly passed away three years ago due to surgical complications. The man I speak of is Charlie McGowan.

Charlie tapping on the set for 42nd Street to ensure it was strong enough to handle all the tapping! (January 2002)

I first started taking master classes from Charlie as a young dancer when I was around 11 or 12. When I was 13, I was finally deemed good enough to be in the number he would choreograph each year for my dance studio as a visiting choreographer. Then he stepped in as choreographer of our high school musicals, including Les Miserables, 42nd Street, West Side Story, and A Chorus Line. It worked out wonderfully, as he had been in the Broadway casts of both WSS and ACL, and even played the role of Mike in the 1985 A Chorus Line movie.

Charlie as Mike in A Chorus Line, 1985

He taught us exact choreography from the shows as he learned them. During 42nd Street, he gifted me with the nickname Eleanor Powell and always referred to me by that name from then on. (Check out her amazing tap skills with Fred Astaire here.) The honor of the nickname wasn’t lost on me. The things I learned from Charlie as both a dancer and a performer are things I never could have learned anywhere else and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work with him for so long.

What kind of dance would it be? With Charlie, it would be a waltz. During Les Mis rehearsals, I tried on a hoop skirt to wear for the wedding scene. He saw me in it and swept me into his arms in the most beautiful waltz. He led so wonderfully and perfectly that my feet barely touched the ground, and for a few moments I felt like I was flying. RIP Charlie.❤️


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  1. Those are some lovely memories you shared about Charlie. I’m sure your time at the dance studio must have been really fun and it sounds like you have talent too! I’m delighted you enjoyed your Ireland trip. And that was a sweet story about how you knew David was the one.

  2. I love Little Women, it’s my go-to comfort film at this time of year. When I was about 12 the books were a total revelation for me. I read the scene where Beth dies a million times and thought that nothing in the world was sadder than that. I wanted to meet all the characters. Actually just thinking about it has put me in the mood for watching it with some candles burning and some good chocolate.

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