Is It Everything You Dreamed It Would Be?

Is It Everything You Dreamed It Would Be?

This is, verbatim, a journal entry of mine from January 17th and 18th, 2016, back when I did a lot of writing prompts. It’s interesting to look back on now.

Another writing prompt I saw online was to list out 100 things that you want. At first I thought that sounded kind of selfish, but then I thought about it and realized that things you want don’t have to be material, and wanting things doesn’t indicate a lack of God’s blessings, but it can give you appreciation for what you already have and how you can better yourself, your life, and the world around you. I don’t know if I can come up with 100 things, but I’ll list as many as I can think of now.

1. A family of four. David and I are a nice little happy family of our own, but we want two kids. I don’t care what genders.

2. A fulfilling career. This one is tricky. I don’t mind my job entirely. I like pharmacy (otherwise I wouldn’t have suffered through six years of school for it.) But it’s so…thankless. And that is really defeating and makes me not want to do it sometimes.

3. I want to live a really long life, as long as I am with it and able to get around.

4. I always want to have at least two cats. Never seven again, but three seems like a happy number.

5. I want my sponsor child in Rwanda, Nyituriki, to know I love her and that God loves her, too.

6. I want a white Christmas at least every other year (stop with the global warming!)

7. I want our kids to have a really close relationship with our parents.

8. I want our kids to know that there is nothing they can do to make David and me love them any less.

img_05479. I want a cure for endometriosis.?

10. I want endometriosis awareness to become so prolific that no woman in the future has to suffer years before diagnosis and receive ineffective treatments.

11. I want a cure for celiac disease (so I can eat gluten again!)

12. I want to not pass down celiac disease or endometriosis to my children.

13. I want to rock a minivan someday.

14. I want my kids to find things they love to do that make them happy.

15. I want to find a church home (but first, I need the encouragement to get there in the first place.)

16. I want David to never experience the kinds of things I have experienced in regards to my health.

17. I want us to be able to celebrate at least our 60th wedding anniversary together. (That will be in 2070.)

18. I want our cats to live long, happy lives.

19. I want our kids to not be allergic to cats or peanuts.

20. I want our kids to be healthy.

21. I want more bookshelves so I can buy more books.

22. I want all the kids who come to our hospital to leave alive.

23. I want our kids waiting for heart transplants to get them soon.

24. I want David to snore less (or never!)

img_066925. I want flowers every week (that are feline-safe.)

26. I want Nala to stop peeing everywhere.

27. I want to never suffer a miscarriage.

28. I want these upcoming fertility treatments (whatever they are) to work fast and well.

img_054429. I want my favorite book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, to be made into a movie, starring Sebastian Stan as Johnny Nolan.

30. I want Peter Jackson to make more movies about Middle Earth.

31. I want to have a good, easy pregnancy that goes to term.

img_054632. I want our kids to love Doctor Who as much as I do.

33. I want to retire at the age of 60.

34. I want our kids to have good, decent friends they can rely on.

35. I want an updated version of Oregon Trail that you can play on a Wii U console.

36. I want season four of Sherlock.

London, 2013

37. I want to go back to the U.K. Many times if necessary.

38. I want to not be a chronic pain person. It needs to go away. It’s been almost two years, and I’m really tired of dealing with it every second of every day.

39. I want AT&T U-Verse to get on board with an actual local forecast on The Weather Channel. The regional thing sucks.

40. I want a finished basement (with a wine cellar for David.)

In Honduras with my sponsor child, Heybi

41. I want to always have one or two sponsor children through Compassion International so I can help improve the lives of vulnerable children and show them God’s love.

42. I want the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

43. I want these headaches and migraines to stop. And have them not be caused by a brain tumor.

Zoe finally sleeping!

44. I want Zoe to settle down for her afternoon nap. Good grief, she’s clingy today.

45. I want the roads to be driveable tomorrow morning!

46. I want Doctor Who to never end. It’s such an amazing show. Thank you, knee surgery, for getting me hooked (on Sherlock, too.)

47. I want an awesome swing set in our backyard for our kids.

48. I want to use the pool more. We’ve barely used it the past two years. Maybe once we have kids we’ll be in it more.

49. I want this winter to be short. The last two winters were so ridiculous, a shorter one would be nice so we can get the Christmas lights down before April.

50. I want my parents and David’s parents to live long lives to see their grandkids grow up.

That was enlightening. Interesting how some of them already happened. Number 23…eventually did come to pass by July.❤️Number 36…coming soon! Number 43…well crap. Number 45…the roads were barely driveable. Number 49…it was still snowing in May.

I’ll keep a close eye on this list every now and then…you never know what may come to pass in life.


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