Sacred Tears

This is a wonderful and thoughtful piece. God truly holds all our tears. Have a read!

Life in Little Pieces

God saves our tears.

Somewhere in Heaven, there is an empty bottle with my name on it that God has been saving for me. The bottle should be full of tears, but I never filled it until now.

My heart is broken, and I need God to heal it. I have losses that I never properly grieved, and recently they resurfaced and are hitting me pretty hard. I am finally pouring out tears that I needed to cry years ago. It is excruciating to reopen old wounds, but it is necessary in order to be healed and be fully restored.

As I grieve, I am comforted by the thought of God taking so much care to save the tears that I typically try to hide from the rest of the world.

What a heart-breakingly beautiful act.

That tells me a few things about God….

God knows my pain.

God is…

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