Guest Post: Dangerously Normal Spoonie!

Guest Post: Dangerously Normal Spoonie!

This is the first guest post I’ve published on my blog and I’m proud to feature a great blog and post by Dangerously Normal Spoonie, aka Karley!

Karley says: “My name is Karley. I am a 22 year old happily married blogger. I suffer from Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, Depression, Anxiety and Pelvic Floor.
I want to help people with my writing and experiences. I want someone to read my blog on a bad day and for five minutes everything is okay.”

Let me tell you, Karley is a great writer! Here’s a post of hers  that spoke to me about using writing as a coping mechanism, which I think is something many chronically ill bloggers can relate to. Click on it to read more!

“When I think of writing in any form, it never ceases to make me smile and laugh a little to myself…”

Great post, Karley! Be sure to check out the rest of her blog (click on her name above) for more awesome posts!

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