Chronic Illness 30 Day Challenge: Day 8

Chronic Illness 30 Day Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years, it will be 2021. I will be 35 years old. (ACK!)

Treatment for celiac disease will certainly have evolved by then. There are already drugs in the pipeline, such as larazotide, that should be ready to come to market by then. And the vaccine is in clinical trials too. So it’s possible I may not be eating entirely gluten free in five years. Wouldn’t that be great? Or at least I won’t need to worry as much about accidental exposure. Hopefully I won’t pass the disease onto my children, but the chances are about 1 in 20, so he/she/they will need to be watched carefully for symptoms.

Speaking of children, I hope to have 2 children within the next five years. I honestly had planned to have been done having kids by now, or at least with number two on the way. But my crazy health issues put having kids on the back burner multiple times. Obviously, I need to be healthy before my body can handle a pregnancy. Not to mention I need these health issues to be under control to even be able to get pregnant in the first place…stupid brain tumor. I fully believe my endo will not be a problem because I’ve had excision. Two years out and I’m endo free, so I have every reason to believe I still will be in five years. And I really hope I don’t pass endo on to a daughter, even though a 1 in 7 chance isn’t very good odds.  I would feel forever guilty, even though it’s not something I can control. But you can bet I will be monitoring her adolescence like a hawk for even the slightest sign of endo! Otherwise it’s off to Atlanta!

David and I will have been married 11 years. We will have lived in this house, where we plan to grow old together, for 10 years. And I’m sure we will both still be working at the hospital, same as we do now. We tend to stick with what we know and not shake things up at all, so I don’t see much changing.

I think life will be good. And I can’t wait for life to be good again.

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  1. I’m so glad to see you have hope. I have had horrible pain they now think is a torn hip labrum. I’m not 100% convinced as the pain isn’t just in the hip, but also in the groin and lower pelvic region. I’m actually seeing Dr Sinervo in late September on the off chance I have endometriosis on my csection scar. I’m in constant pain and work a demanding job, no one gets how bad this is. The fact that all my coworkers are men doesn’t help. At this point, if I’m to be honest, I have no hope in me that it will get better and until I get a diagnosis I can trust, I don’t think I will have that hope. Reading this blog has actually helped a lot though, because I know if you can sort it all out and have hope then I may not be lost forever. Sometimes the road to the finish line may not be composed of one giant hurdle, but many. Thanks for writing this blog and sharing all you have. It’s made a big difference for me as I sit up at night with pain 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad my blog has helped you. That means a lot to me, because my main goal is to help people. I hope you can find some answers soon and get some relief! Dr. Sinervo is the most amazing doctor I have ever met; you’re in great hands!

      1. Thanks for the encouragement! I saw my hip specialist today and he thinks my pain is likely the torn labrum and all the pain I’m having could easily be caused by that. So I’m gonna get that operated on first. Then if that plus physical therapy doesn’t help I’ll have to look into other options. I’m hoping that this is what is causing my pain. If not though I’m seeing Dr. Sinervo for sure cuz after what I’ve read I trust no one else more with my gynecological health. Especially more complicated issues like pain whose cause doesn’t show up in MRIs!

        I am really looking forward to seeing how you do with your brain tumor surgery. I’ll be reading along, praying for you and hoping you find permanent relief!

        Thanks again for all the support!


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