Painsomnia Strikes Again

Painsomnia Strikes Again

It’s now 6 am. I slept (ish) for an hour. More like I rested with my eyes closed. Why? Because I am in pain.image

Yes, there is such a thing as painsomnia, and I am a living, breathing example of it. This always seems to happen to me at some point after a surgery. I’ll be healing well, sleeping on a relatively decent schedule, then one night, BAM! No sleep for me!

imageHonestly, it’s probably my own fault. I was doing really well yesterday so went 8 hours without taking any pain medication. Then all of a sudden, the pain hit around midnight and I’ve been unable to get it under control since. I’ve taken more oxycodone in the past six hours than most people can probably handle in a day and I’m still wide awake. I tried sleeping upstairs where it was nice and quiet (that is, away from David’s snoring), but now that the sun is coming up and coming in through the skylights, that was a no-go for sleep.

Looks like I might be heading back in the general direction of a night shift sleep schedule. Why not? That’s the shift my body always got along with the best, back when I was allowed to work it. Now I’m too much of a liability to be allowed to work it even though it’s my favorite shift.

I’ve redosed on my sleeping meds (which I just burned right through earlier) so hopefully some sleep is coming for me soon. And hopefully this is only a one-night only thing and doesn’t turn into a pattern. Not that I suppose it really matters since I’m on disability from work for a few months, but it would still be nice to sleep at night like most of the rest of the world.

And yet…there’s something so invigorating about being up when the rest of the world is asleep. Again, probably why I always liked night shift. I do some of my best work at night, no joke. I’ve always been a night owl my entire life. So again, why bother changing the schedule my body wants to do when I have nothing to worry about? It’s not like I leave the house or have any visitors anyway. (Except my mommy is coming to visit from New York tomorrow, yay!)

But if only it weren’t for the pain. Staying up all night is one thing. But when you’re an insomniac because your pain is out of control? Not fun. At least this is surgical pain, which won’t last. The pelvic pain that required this surgery in the first place? Gone. Praise the Lord! Guess when your ovary and bowel are staying parked where they belong and not making routine ventures into other parts of your body, it’s not painful!

So now I’m going to try to lie down and go to sleep. Maybe my kitties will snuggle with me. Just not this kitty…


Oh, look, ask and you shall receive. My baby Zoe knows mommy is having a rough time this morning and wants to come snuggle. As they say, animals tend to be aware of a human’s emotional needs more than the human sometimes. So now, Zoe and I are going to go to bed! Now that the sun’s up, I can say good night!

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  1. 8 hours without pain meds??! We are on nearly the same schedule of healing after surgery and I made a similar mistake twice now in my recovery and intensely regretted it!! Once the pain has kicked in again, it’s tough to get back on top of it. I really hope you’re feeling better now and able to get some rest!

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